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Why Frogs Call and Why We Should Listen

Nature, Wildlife, and Environmental Video ProductionExplore the World of Frogs. From spring peepers to bullfrogs, each frog species calls in its own way. But what are they trying to say?

Frogs and toads occupy all sorts of environments, from low-lying swamps to alpine meadows. No matter what kind of environment, frogs and toads play an important role in the food chain as both predators and prey. The survival of these animals is under assault from a variety of man-made problems such as pollution, exotic species introduction and climate change. Solutions to these environmental challenges will not only help frogs and toads but will also improve the quality of life for humans.

This program tracks down twenty species of calling frogs and toads in their natural habitat. It delves deep into the murky wetlands and swollen ponds of early spring to search out both rare and common frogs. The scientists in the program explain where frogs come from and why they’re disappearing.

$ 20.00 – DVD 2009

Caves: Life Beneath The Forest

Nature, Wildlife, and Environmental Video ProductionThis documentary explores the relationship between life in caves and the forest above them. Narrated by the world’s foremost biospeleologists, the program provides an intimate profile of the organisms that inhabit the extensive caves of southern Indiana.

Drawing on their individual areas of expertise, these scientists describe how cave conditions have shaped the animals over evolutionary time.

From bats to bacteria, the connections between different groups of organisms are revealed. The program strives to produce a comprehensive picture of the cave ecosystem. It emphasizes the role of the forest and weather on the cycle of life in a subterranean environment.

$ 20.00 – DVD 2007