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“The gods did not reveal, from the beginning, all things to us, but in the course of time through seeking we may learn and know things better.” Xenophanes

Ravenswood Media provides a conduit between science and the public. We believe that a well informed public is essential to confront the challenges of the 21st century. Our programs reflect the passion and dedication of our clients as they work to improve the environment and protect wildlife.

We are a talented team of filmmakers (Academy Award Nominated) and proud of our well-crafted films but our ultimate goal is to produce tools for our clients to advance their mission. Ravenswood Media has developed the FAM approach to film production; Format, Audience, Message.

FAM (I wish that I could have come up with an E word) is a method we use to amplify the effectiveness of our client’s message. We spend a lot of time discussing each aspect of FAM before we begin production.

Format is the length and style of the production.

Audience is, well, the audience. Who do we really want to reach?

Message is the 25 words or less “elevator speech”.

Let’s start a conversation about your messaging goals.

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