Nature Video Production is Our Passion

Nature Wildlife and Environmental Video ProductionOur nature, wildlife, environmental and science video productions have placed Ravenswood Media at the forefront of the natural history documentary.

We strive to find the exotic in the familiar, whether it’s the caves of the Hoosier National Forest or sea otters off the coast of California. Our crews are small and can react quickly to the vagaries of location filming.

We draw attention to conservation and environmental health issues through well-crafted programs. We provide a medium for scientists to share their research with the general public and reach new audiences through existing and emerging technologies.

Ravenswood Media has high production standards as well as a deep commitment to our clients’ needs. Give us a call to find out how we can bring your message to a global audience.

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Dr. Julius Nziza

Nature, Wildlife, and Environmental Video ProductionDr. Julius Nziza, head veterinarian for the Gorilla Doctors in Rwanda, is working everyday toward promoting the “One Health” paradigm, which recognizes the interconnectedness of the health of wildlife and humans.

Dr. Kirsten Gilardi

Nature, Wildlife, and Environmental Video ProductionVeterinarian Kirsten Gilardi knows what it takes to protect all creatures great and small — endangered mountain gorillas, sea birds, marine mammals and more. She approaches health problems with the understanding that we’re all connected as “one.”