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Ravenswood Media was introduced to the bat world during production of their documentary, Caves: Life Beneath the Forest. When White-nose syndrome (WNS) first hit bats in 2007, we were invited to collaborate with government agencies, NGOs, and academics to help get word to the public about this ecological disaster. Over a decade later, bat populations are showing signs of recovery. The public response has been very positive with volunteers, bat houses, and a new good will toward bats in general.
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It’s going to be a bumpy ride through the 21st Century. The conservation measures that we take today will resonate loudly well into the future. Ravenswood Media is proud to have partnered with dedicated people who have worked hard to conserve habitats across the globe.
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Ravenswood Media loves animals. It’s the reason why we planted our flag in the conservation world. Wildlife is critical to the health and well-being of humans. The One Health concept provides an important model for protecting the health of humans, animals, and ecosystems. It is very gratifying to see so many dedicate their lives to the protection and conservation of wildlife, particularly young people.
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Great Lakes
Ravenswood Media located in Chicago and less than a mile from Lake Michigan has a special interest in the Great Lakes. The videos on this channel represent our collaboration with the Great Lakes Protection Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Council of Great Lakes Governors, American Water Works Association, Wayne State University, Cleveland Botanical Gardens, among others.
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Ravenswood Media produced a 30 minute documentary, “Why Frogs Call and Why We Should Listen”. It took several years to chase down the 20+ species and film their calls. Several scientists gave incredible interviews about frog calls and behavior.
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Despite being dedicated to the environment/conservation, Ravenswood Media has found overlap with the Art world. It is the same passion that creates fine art that drives scientists/conservationists to find solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems.
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